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Bypassing conventional healthcare systems, HealthSapiens empowers patients to access the best possible care through a decentralized peer-to-peer platform

About Us

HealthSapiens’ vision is the democratization of healthcare, creating freedom for patients to choose their care. We are committed to the ideals of health and wellness for all, through global collaboration — one patient at a time.


The healthcare system is failing—and patients and providers are sick of it. High costs, limited access and transparency, insurance restrictions, and a lack of quality services prevent people from getting the best possible care.


HealthSapiens removes the roadblocks of conventional healthcare systems. With access to a worldwide peer-to-peer (P2P) healthcare and wellness ecosystem powered by blockchain technology, consumers can seek the services they desire from peer-reviewed providers.

An open and contributor-controlled platform ensures patients can make decisions knowing providers are peer-reviewed and ranked based on their medical care outcome and performance. It also allows users to securely share electronic medical records (EMR) with care providers, improving both access to and accuracy of care.

The HealthSapiens platform allows patients to see and compare prices, and eliminates provider overhead expenses, such as insurance billing. A token currency also means no local conversion, accelerating the payment process.

HealthSapiens decentralizes healthcare by cutting out the middlemen—and costs—such as healthcare provider networks, insurance carriers, etc. Enables consumers and providers to be more proactive and preventative about health by allowing both groups to interact with each other directly.

How it Works

HealthSapiens improves transparency and increases trust between consumers and the healthcare community with an outcome-based model.


Patient purchases DOC tokens usable on the HealthSapiens platform through an exchange when they need care.


Patient selects a doctor based on peer reviews.




Doctor provides consultation and gets paid a partial fee. HealthSapiens retains a 5% transaction fee.


Patient reviews the service. If positive, the doctor gets paid the additional fee; if negative, they don’t.


Doctor may escrow part of their payment to send their outcome for a peer review or advertise to reach more patients.

With accountability for services provided, HealthSapiens moves the typical payment model for healthcare from a fee-for-service system to a value-based one.


A blockchain-based healthcare platform enables a more transparent and effective healthcare system.

DOC Tokens

An ERC20 token, DOC lets patients pay for care, no matter where they are in the world. With the Ethereum blockchain as its foundation, the platform marginalizes the need for intermediaries such as insurance companies—and creates transparency and accuracy around healthcare and providers.

Rewards Pool

Patients, doctors, researchers, and pharmaceutical companies can all benefit through the HealthSapiens rewards pool. For example, users can earn tokens by reviewing a doctor, sharing an EMR, holding tokens in their wallet for a period of time, referring a new user, and achieving specific health-related goals.


We are passionate about fostering innovation and improving healthcare through technologies like blockchain. Led by a team of individuals with a combined 100 years of healthcare experience, HealthSapiens has been providing easy access to healthcare for the past five years.

Karim Babay

Chairman and CEO

Aaron Gardner

Director of Technology and Web Development

Mike Volkin

Chief Marketing Officer

Zach Markin

Solidity and smart CT Developer/ Healthcare Tech Expert

Wojciech Żywno

Solidity and smart CT Developer/ Healthcare Tech Expert

Alex Smirnov


Laya Mathew

Project Manager

Trevor Koverko


Gabriel Zanko


Giovanni Casagrande


Dr. Frederick Browne


Dr. Umesh Gidwani


Dr. Stas Stanislav


Bunny Ellerin


Dr. Richard Merkler


Dr. Steve Levine


Dr. Uli Broedl


HealthSapiens is democratizing healthcare through its peer-to-peer platform.

Follow along as we help bring decentralized healthcare to the masses.